How to Get Deep V Cleavage Ready

The trend spanning from the red carpet to Rodeo Drive is sporting very low cut, deep V clothing,  and although very sexy can be halted with a less than perfect décolletage.

Not only is our décolletage a very beautiful and visible part of our bodies, it’s also the first area to show the signs of aging due to thinner skin, sun exposure and lack of décolletage care on our part.

The New York Times sat down with Dendy Engelman, a dermatologist in Manhattan, to gain insight on some tips and tricks.

Start with the basics

Apply sunscreen to your neck and chest whenever they are exposed. “In our world we call it ‘country-club cleavage,’ ” she said. “It’s when a woman has a beautiful lifted face, but then you look down and she has a tan chest that looks like a dry riverbed.”

To improve tone,

elasticity, spotting and wrinkles, Dr. Engelman may suggest Oxylight (microdermabrasion coupled with light therapy), old-school chemical peels or lasers like Fraxel.

Hyaluronic fillers

Recently she has been using the latest generation of hyaluronic fillers, specifically Belotero and Restylane Silk, which she likes because results can last as long as six months. It’s an off-label use, she said, but these fillers can plump up chest wrinkles without appearing lumpy. (Chest and neck tissue is thinner than it is on the face, so anything added is more likely to show.)

“You only need one syringe for the whole chest,” Dr. Engelman said.

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