PRP Facial: What to Expect

What is a PRP Facial?

It is an anti-aging medical spa skin procedure where a registered nurse uses a micro needling device to inject your own extracted blood back into your face to increase collagen production.

First, a certified phlebotomist draws a vial of blood from your arm.

Next, the blood is spun down in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets. This means the red blood cells and plasma are separated where the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can be extracted.

PRP has a long history of effective treatments in surgical fields. The VF mainly targets regeneration and revitalization of the face as the platelets stimulate collagen for healing. This remains a favored choice as a non-surgical solution with zero-downtime. The PRP has high concentration of human platelets in a small volume of plasma- 1,000,000 platelets per mm3. This concentration is almost 2-3 times the normal concentration of blood at pH7.

During, or before, the time the blood is drawn the nurse will apply numbing cream all over the patient’s face and neck and let sit for about 15 minutes.

The nurse will wipe off the numbing cream and concentrate on the patient’s face in zones by rubbing the PRP onto the face and passing over each section with a micropen to create micro-channels for the PRP to enter more deeply into the skin.

The idea is the micro-channels act as mini-injuries, prompting your skin to produce extra collagen to repair itself. The micro-channels allow for the better penetration of PRP, or sometimes the micropen used in conjunction with pure hyaluronic acid or growth factors.

The patient’s face may be slightly damp after application, but after all zones are complete the patient is free to go!

Aftercare instructions are to be provided after the procedure is complete.

How does it work?

About 8ml of the patient’s blood is drawn and is then spun in the centrifuge for almost 7 minutes. This process separates the blood into its base components - plasma and cells. The plasma is processed and extracted from the tube to be “injected” into the concerned area/s to be treated for VF. Selected areas or the entire face can be treated.

It is the platelets that stimulate collagen for healing. The platelets are processed and are turned into a gel. This gel contains growth factors having capacity to activate the stem-cells and regenerate new cells/skin with promises of dramatic result in the concerned area. The gel is similar to other dermal-fillers used for the process, however as it is prepared from the concerned patient’s blood, it has no risks of infection.

The Vampire Facial at SkinSpaMED offers a non-surgical rejuvination with almost zero chance of infection and practically no downtime.  For the patients who are not prepared for a more invasive procedure but who want to see dramatic results, the Vampire Facial will get you on the road to a fresh appearance with reduced wrinkles and fewer deep lines. Feel free to call us at either SkinSpaMED location for more details or to set up a consultation.