Is There a Best Time of Year for Laser Treatment?


Laser skin procedures are becoming more and more popular as they provide excellent results while at the same time being quick and relatively painless. In addition, they have much shorter and less intense recovery periods than surgical procedures.

There is, in fact, an optimal time to have your in-office laser resurfacingpigment and vein treatmentsmicro laser peel, or Madonna eye lift performed. That time is during the fall and winter months of the year—specifically, when the sun isn’t so bright overhead.

The first reason is your skin tone is generally at its lightest during the winter. Laser skin procedures are the most effective on lighter skins. In the simplest terms, this comes down to a matter of how easily the laser can penetrate the skin. Lighter skin is easier to penetrate, while darker skin is more difficult. The laser skin procedure will be at its most effective during winter, when your skin has lightened.

While lightening skin aids in the effectiveness of the procedure, it also means that the sun’s UVA rays are more capable of penetrating your skin and causing the same damage you’re trying to repair. Luckily, the sun’s strength is at its lowest in winter.

On top of your natural sensitivity, laser skin treatments dramatically increase the sensitivity of the skin in the affected area. This means that you’ll want to avoid all sun exposure to the treated area. Prolonged exposure can cause the exact things that the laser treatment is fighting against, including darkening, freckling, and aging.

It helps to have a procedure performed in the fall or winter, because not only will any sunlight cause less damage, but you’ll also more than likely be wearing bigger, thicker clothing to keep warm. Winter clothing can provide excellent protection for your sensitive skin.

Planning accordingly, you can most likely completely avoid sun exposure to the areas you’ve had treated. Plan for a fall or winter laser skin treatment and get the best out of your procedure!