"Is One Syringe Going to be Too Much for Me Today?" Lip Volume Questions Answered

Hey, guys! 

I wanted to talk a little bit about lips.

Quite frequently new clients like to ask questions about how big are they going to be, and "is one syringe going to be too much for me today," and I like to use this Galderma brochure from Restylane.

It goes over three different lip before and afters.

As you can see, the top one they use about two and a half syringes, the second one is right at two syringes or two CC's, and then the third one is almost three CC's.

You can tell none of these look like they been overdone. They all look very tasteful. They all look very natural. I like to usually only do one syringe in the beginning, and then bring someone back in two weeks, and then usually add more. But one syringe is just going to get you some structure, some of the general anatomy, kind of back and also going to give you some better line control around the lips, as well as smoother lips.

When you get into two or three syringes, then you really get into some volume, which is not a bad thing! 

So I just wanted everybody to see this brochure. It's a really great example, if you're nervous about volume, to kind of let you know that volume is okay. And it doesn't get that overdone look overnight.

All right, cheers!