Are You Using Sun Screen Correctly?

Look, we’re not here to nag. We all know we’re supposed to use sunscreen more reliably than we probably do.

Instead of hounding you again, we're just going to give some gentle reminders: 

The Basics

Let’s reapply.

  • Depending on your body size, experts recommend using enough lotion to fill a shot glass, or an ounce, when you’re at the beach.

  • Even if people are conscious enough to apply sunscreen, they may not use enough.

  • Even if the bottle says the lotion is waterproof, beach and lake goers need to reapply after swimming.

  • If you’re not swimming, reapply every two hours, regardless of the SPF count.

  • Put sunscreen on 15 minutes before exposure.

  • Look for products that are labeled “broad spectrum protection” with an SPF of 15 to 50.

Spots You’re Likely to Forget

  • Both men and women are likely to miss the tops of their ears and the tops of the feet.

  • Men are particularly likely to miss their scalps and the backs of their necks, while women are more likely to miss their chest and neck areas.

Are Spray-On Sunscreens Safe?

This is a tricky one. Not even the Food and Drug Administration is sure, and we still don’t know how effective they are or whether inhaling them can be dangerous.

While some medical professionals suggest you should not use them, it’s better than nothingUse creams and lotions when possible, but the sprays can be useful if you’re on the go and won’t make time for a full reapplication.

Spray-on sunscreen should be applied indoors in a well-ventilated area, and never sprayed directly on the face. Trying to apply it on the beach could lead to much of it flying away in the wind, leaving you with inadequate protection.

Improving Your Looks, Too

  • Use sunscreen every day — not just when they’re at the beach or the park — can help prevent the brown spots and wrinkles that often lead people to seek out treatments, and that sun exposure is a primary driver of the skin’s aging process.

  • Sunscreen is truly the No. 1 anti-aging ingredient - as Marie has preached for years.

  • Research in 2013 revealed that people who used sunscreen every day had markedly smoother and more resilient skin. The study was funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, and no sunscreen makers contributed.