Size isn't Everything.. When it Comes to Dermal Fillers

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If you hear the words ‘lip injections’ and think ‘duck lips’, you’re not alone. All it takes is seeing one bad over-the-top lip job on reality TV for people to swear off injectables for life. But trust me when I say you have seen a lot more ‘done’ lips than you realize – because when they’re done well lip fillers appear totally natural, and of course, totally beautiful.

Fuller, Plumper Lips in Minutes –And More!

Believe it or not, ‘plump’ lips are not the main reason why people get injections, although it’s certainly a benefit. Most of our clients actually don’t want large lips at all. You’ll find that shape is actually more important than size. To understand why, let’s take a look at what makes your lips look old.

Lips are one of the first places where we show our age. As you grow older, lips lose volume and body. You can see this in the lips of elderly ladies; they’re often quite thin, or at least, much thinner than the lips of teenagers.

Second, you lose your philantral columns as we age; the two parallel columns of tissue between your nose and your upper lip that give the upper lip its distinctive ‘m-like’ shape. As these columns of tissue break down, your upper lip loses its distinctive ‘Cupid’s Bow’ and becomes flat across the top.

Thirdly, because you are losing volume in the body of your lips, you begin to get little vertical lines around the outside of your lips, which are commonly referred to as ‘smokers’ lines’. Charming name, right? You can picture these lines like what a balloon gets on its surface as it deflates.

Lastly, we lose volume under the corners of our mouths. This loss of support leads to the outside corners of the mouth turning down, giving lips a ‘sad clown’ or drooping appearance.

As you can see, when our lips start to look ‘old’, it’s not simply about having full lips. Getting the shape is essential to creating a youthful appearance. Juvederm can plump the lip, lift up the corners of the mouth, and fill in smokers’ lines without the dreaded ‘duck lip’ look. Remember – when it comes to fillers in the lips, less is more!