Korean Skincare Part 2: Evening Routine


In this second installment, Vicky Lee and Cosmopolitan, is giving us a complete breakdown of the Korean 10-step evening routine! This process is all about layering, with the rule of thumb on applying the products from the most watery first to the thickest. Here’s how it goes:

Step One: Oil-Based Cleanser

Because water repels oil, this cleanser is used to remove oil-based products like make-up and sunscreen.

Our suggestion: Aromatica’s Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil ($45)

Step Two: Double-Cleansing

Now it’s time to reach for our water-based cleanser to remove the residue from the previous cleanser’s residue and any other impurities that it missed. When choosing purchasing one for your routine, look for a gentle formula that won’t strip moisture from your skin.

Our suggestion: Koh Gen Do’s Cleansing Water ($52)

Step Three: Exfoliate

Exfoliating twice a week is a incredibly important. So much so that Korean women, according to Dr. Lee “religiously scrub their bodies and faces” and frequent saunas or take long baths to open up their pores beforehand. To get the same effect, you can use both hot and cold towels to open and close your pores before you apply the exfoliation and after you’re finished.

Our suggestion: Mizon’s Honey Black Sugar Scrub ($16)

Step Four: Toner

Once you have found the perfect toner for your skin-type, gently apply it to your skin to balance its pH levels. (Click here if you need helping finding your match)

Our suggestion: Shangpree’s Bitgoa Hue Essence Toner ($57)

Step Five: Essence

A popular ingredient in many Korean skincare products, including essences, is snail mucus. While it may sound gross, it has the power to repair breakouts and hydrate dry patches of skin.

Our suggestion: Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence ($19)

Step Six: Ampoule

According to Lee applying this serum at night will help your skin absorb all the hydration it needs after a long day.

Our suggestion: Missha Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator ($49)

Step Seven: Serum

Apply serum to any problem areas you may have.

Our suggestion: Be the Skin Botanical Nutritional Serum ($35)

Step Eight: Sheet Mask

This is a massive fan-favorite among Korean women. Lee says “they even use more than one mask a day no matter how busy they are.”

Our suggestion: Eco Your Skin Face Blanket Mask ($12)

Step Nine: Eye Cream

After your skin has absorbed the moisture from the sheet mask, gently dab the cream to your under-eye.

Our suggestion: Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream ($20)

Step Ten: Moisturizer

Lastly, seal all your products with a good moisturizer.

Our suggestion: Ground Plan’s Secret Cream Overnight Pack ($48)