ZWave Cellulite Treatment

You diet. You exercise. You look amazing! But there’s one thing that exercise and dieting won’t correct: cellulite. 

We are excited to now offer a new cellulite treatment called Z-Wave at both SkinSpaMED locations that breaks up cellulite without needles or surgery.

Introducing the Z-Wave Cellulite Treatment

Developed by Zimmer Aesthetics in Europe, the Z-Wave cellulite treatment uses rapid pulses of radial shockwaves to break up cellulite without surgery or needles. This wave of pulses and energy squeezes and breaks up the pockets of cellulite and other causes of dimples and lumps in the skin. This treatment is effective on most areas of the body where lumpy skin is present and provides patients with smoother, more youthful looking skin.


What to Expect During Your Cellulite Consultation

During your consultation, one of our seasoned staff will examine your problem areas to determine the cause of skin dimpling and lumps. We will also look at your medical history and overall health. All of this will help us assess if your cellulite would best be treated with Z-Wave. If you’re a good candidate for Z-Wave, we will schedule your first cellulite treatment.

For 10-30 minutes, your Z-Wave treatment will break up your unwanted cellulite and smooth out the appearance of your skin. Your SkinSpaMED technician will glide the handheld wand across the treatment area as the pulses break up the pockets of fat and gas causing the dimpling. There is no downtime, and no aftercare guidelines are necessary to follow. You can just go about the rest of your day like your normally would following your cellulite treatment. We will schedule you for a follow-up treatments and repeat the process until your full results are seen, usually in 6-10 easy appointments.

Z-Wave Cellulite Treatment FAQz-wave cellulite treatment machine

Every patient is different, so it’s important to get most of your questions answered by one of SkinSpaMED's experienced staff members. However, while you await your initial consultation date, the following questions and answers about Z-Wave will help guide you.

How does Z-Wave work?

Z-wave gets its name because it creates a wave of rapid energy pulses that break up pockets beneath the skin that cause skin dimpling and lumps, called cellulite. Fat structures and gas bubbles are destabilized and broken up, leaving behind a smoother appearance.


How is Z-Wave administered?

Your technician will glide the Z-Wave wand across the treatment area in a completely non-invasive procedure. A gel is applied to the area beforehand to help the wand glide smoothly and comfortably across the skin.

Who is a good candidate for a Z-Wave cellulite treatment?

Almost anyone with cellulite can get Z-Wave. Z-Wave is also useful following a CoolSculpting treatment to help break up the frozen fat cells and speed up results.

Who should not get a Z-Wave treatment?

If you are overweight, we recommend striving to reach your ideal healthy weight before seeking Z-Wave or other body contouring treatments. If you’ve had other procedures to the treatment area,  such as laser skin treatments or surgery, please let us know during your consultation or prior to getting Z-Wave.

Is Z-Wave painful?

Z-Wave is a very comfortable cellulite treatment. In fact, many describe the experience as feeling pleasurable, like a massage. No numbing or anesthesia will be required.

How long does a cellulite treatment take with Z-Wave? When will I notice my results?

Depending on the treatment area, a single treatment can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Some patients see noticeable improvement after 2-3 treatments, with full results seen after 6-10 cellulite treatment sessions. For best results, it is recommended to start with 10 treatments as close together as possible, followed by maintenance treatments once per month.

How long will my results last? Will my cellulite come back?

Regular touch-up treatments are recommended to maintain results. However, these spot treatments will not require as many applications as your original treatment protocol. Results following the initial treatment series are long-lasting.

Individual results will vary from person to person.

How much does the Z-Wave cellulite treatment cost?

Cost varies based on numerous factors, including:

  • size of treatment area

  • number of treatment areas

  • number of treatments required to get results

It’s best to discuss your individual needs during your consultation to get an accurate quote for Z-Wave treatments.

Are there any side effects with Z-Wave?

Your skin may be a bit red and warm to the touch following your Z-Wave cellulite treatment. Other side-effects are very rare, and this non-invasive treatment is considered to be very low-risk. During your consultation, ask our staff for more information about what to expect following your treatment, as individual results and experiences will vary.

On what parts of my body can Z-Wave be used to treat cellulite?

Most patients receive Z-Wave treatments on the thighs and buttocks, but Z-Wave can also be applied to the abdomen and upper arms.

Can I get Z-Wave with other body sculpting treatments?

Yes! Most patients who receive body sculpting treatments like CoolSculpting for fat reduction also have unwanted cellulite. Furthermore, we offer Z-Wave treatments as an add-on to CoolSculpting to help break up the frozen fat cells more effectively and rapidly than manual massage. This speeds up the process of eliminating the unwanted fat that is frozen following your CoolSculpting treatment, which also speeds up noticeable results from your non-surgical body contouring treatment.