Mastering Multi-Ethnic Hair

The global haircare market is predicted to be worth an astonishing 87.73 billion USD this year. The industry is booming. But with thousands of new products coming to market each year, how much do people really know about caring for multi-racial hair? Even their own? After all, no two heads of multi-ethnic hair are the same. But it is possible to care for all the different curls, coils, waves, kinks and unique beauty of multi-ethnic hair.

Understand your hair type

While hair varies from one person to the next, many people with multi-ethnic hair experience common problems like tangling, frizz, and dryness. To successfully banish these problems once and for all, you need to first determine your specific hair type. Once you understand your hair better, you can ensure you combine the right products and techniques for caring for multi-ethnic hair.

Loose curls and wavy hair

Women generally find this hair type reasonably simple to keep moisturized and hydrated, while it doesn’t tend to get too tangled or frizzy. However, the curls may not have the definition you'd like. When choosing your hair products, it’s recommended to use a lotion or light moisture spray. This allows you to build up the moisture as you want. It's best to style this type of curl while the hair is slightly damp. Use hold products while scrunching the hair. This will help to maintain the moisture you need while taming unruly curls.

Tight coils and S-type curls

This hair often gets dry ends, but with lots of shine, even without using much product. Therefore, try to just use light products that look milky in consistency. Focus the product on the tips of your hair to help it stay smooth and sleek. Tighter curls often get much drier, so they need regular moisturization from the root to the ends. If you choose a lotion, rub some together in your hands and then blot through the hair, making sure all of your hair is moisturized. A light oil treatment or a serum can also be used to help curls prone to frizz.

Tightly coiled strands and kinky hair

If you have this hair type, then you'll probably find it becomes very dry, so moisturize regularly with thick products. These will lock in the moisture, keeping your hydrated and stops any humidity from wrecking your style. As the curls can be very tight, it can cause tangling. So use products with plenty of slip. Avoiding using light, superficial conditioners and instead give your hair a deep mask treatment each time you wash your hair.

Whatever multi-ethnic hair type you have, giving it the correct care is essential to it looking and feeling its best. Your hair should be your crowning glory, so make sure you always give it what it needs.