Hailey Bieber's Skincare Secret is...Diaper Cream?


Hailey Bieber has been an object of envy because of her style, bubbly personality, and most recently for her new-husband, Justin Bieber. But what’s always caught my eye is her stunning, flawless complexion. Though she has strong genes working in her favor, I knew she would still have an amazing skincare routine. I just never would have guessed it would include diaper cream!

Mrs. Bieber recently sat down with Refinery29 and shared her skin troubles after starting birth control. She shares that the medication “threw off my hormones for sure and made my skin go off. I was getting little tiny things here and there, and they just hurt. It was like, how do these hurt so bad? I talked about it with my doctor and came to find it’s because the hormones from the birth control mess with your natural balance.” To reduce the irritation, she turns to…diaper cream. “If you think about what it’s actually used for, which red bumpy skin”, she continues, “it’s essentially the same thing.”

While this may sound like just another strange “skincare hack”, using diaper cream on breakouts is actually very common in other parts of the world. Beauty blogger Farah Dhukai, swears that the Zinc, its most common ingredient, is an “acne-killer”, which makes the cream a great spot treatment or over-all mask.

But not everyone is convinced. New York City dermatologist, Dr. Leslie Gerstman implores everyone to carefully read the ointment’s ingredients and to make sure you understand what each of them do. While Zinc is an anti-inflammatory and great for wound healing, the trouble lies with the other main ingredient, Petroleum. Petroleum acts as a protective agent and completely closes pores when applied. “You’re basically taking taking oily, inflated and potentially infected skin and putting a barrier on it. So unless you’re looking to clog your pores and cause even more breakouts, she doesn’t recommend this practice.

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