Can DNA Testing Personalize Skin Care?

As we turn more attention to skin health and preservation, we often turn to the internet for tips and tricks to achieve an ageless appearance. Before long, we start to focus on what’s going on inside our bodies, but now, doctors are offering patients a way to personalize their skin care, and it involves taking a look at an individual’s DNA.

What sounds to be out of a cheap science fiction movie is actually pretty obtainable, as described in an article by The New York Times, where a test can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

“Currently, it looks only at variations in two genes: one that contains instructions for how fast your body degrades collagen and the other for antioxidant protection,” said contributor Courtney Rubin.

The company leading in this innovation is GeneU.

Along with founder and professor at Imperial College London, Christofer Toumazou, is Creative Director Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran’s keyboard player, who’s no stranger to beauty products.

Needless to say - we’re interested and will keep you posted!

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