Sunscreen: The Number 1 Beauty Tip from Marie Reyes

Spend time on your skin - everything looks good with a radiant complexion.

The importance of sunblock has been widespread for quite some time. Even so, there are still alarming amounts of people who brave the UV rays without applying sunblock.

In 2008, D Magazine mentioned the number one beauty tip from Marie Reyes in their article covering “The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas.”

“The SkinSpaMed owner was turned on to the beauty industry in her early 20s, when she was working as an actress and a model. While others were basking in the sun, she was applying sunscreen (her No. 1 beauty tip).”

Recently, The Dallas Morning News continued to press the importance of protecting your skin with sunscreen.     

The article makes some fantastic points, including mentioning how melanoma rates have tripled over the past three decades, according to the National Cancer Institute.

But with so many sunscreens in the market, how do you choose the right one? Especially with the Environmental Working Group finding nearly three-quarters of the products tested this year to be inadequate in protection or contained ingredients that may harm the skin.

The DMN does a fantastic job of offering answers to the important questions to ask when making a sunscreen decision. Read more here.

These same questions were taken as serious concerns in the development of the RAGS II Riches Sun Defense product.

Rich in age-defense actives, the luxurious, cashmere-like formula offers broadband UV protection combined with intuitive color correction technology. This advanced formula has anti-aging, anti-acne and pigment reducing properties for a more even skin tone and sun protection that can keep up with your busy lifestyle.

RAGS II Riches is a luxury four-step skincare system, expertly developed by Marie Reyes and proven by science to reverse the signs of aging.

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