A Celeb’s Secret To Flawless Skin

Bright lights, close-ups, and high-definition television...oh, my! To look your best on or off camera, pamper yourself with a Photofacial. Celebrities aren’t the only people to use these treatments to achieve Hollywood-worthy skin tone. Our discerning SkinSpaMED members of all ages improve the quality and luster of their skin with these treatments.

Radio frequency energy and intense pulsed light combine with topical fast-acting Levulan to give you skin that’s worthy of an Oscar. SkinSpaMED Photofacial treatments use intense pulsed light therapy to reduce facial redness from broken capillaries, rosacea, brown spots, and fine lines. Zap sun damage and discoloration and shrink and tighten pores for totally new skin!

Photofacials are also employed to dramatically reduce the appearance of acne. SkinSpaMED Photofacials use Levulan to deactivate the bacteria that trigger acne, exfoliate the skin to unclog pores, and shut down the sebaceous glands in the skin that are the root cause in the formation of acne.

How It Works:

Photodynamic therapy is FDA approved for treatment of precancerous lesions on the face and for effective treatment of acne vulgaris. Levulan (20% aminolevulinic acid) is applied to the face and then a light or laser is shined at the affected areas to activate the Levulan.

The results of the treatment are unique to each individual and depend on several factors, including skin tone, extent of sun damage, and pigmentation. Typically, two to three treatments are necessary for optimal results. Treatments should be performed over three- to four-week intervals in order to maximize the outcome.