Extend Your Sexiness!

Your eyes are the first part of you that someone sees, and large, shapely, eyes with full lashes add an unmatched layer of sex appeal and dimension to your first impression. SkinSpaMED offers expert eyebrow shaping and tinting, giving you magazine-worthy eyes. Make your eyes pop with an eyebrow arching, lash tint, or expert makeup application. Update your look and gain confidence with subtle changes at SkinSpaMED.


Unwanted hair isn’t sexy. Get rid of it with a SkinSpaMED waxing. Our therapists are experts in hair removal, conducting waxings efficiently and as painlessly as possible within the soothing and relaxing spa setting offered at each of our locations. Waxing leaves your skin soft and rejuvenated, leaving you with touch-ready smoothness that’s gorgeous to see and feel.


Eyelash and eyebrow tinting are subtle, yet eye-popping ways to capture that super model look. If you’re looking for a striking, get-up-and-go look but you’re afraid of committing to permanent cosmetics, this is a noninvasive way to up your eye game.

A semi-permanent color is applied to the eyelash or eyebrow that will last approximately three to four weeks. This treatment is perfect for SkinSpaMED Members who don’t like to fuss with daily makeup application. Talk about bedroom eyes; with tinting, you’ll never have that “runny” mascara look we all try to avoid. Just sexy, defined eyes, morning, day, and night.