Hydrate Your Way To Younger, Firmer Skin!

If you were to step onto a reality show set at the beach tomorrow, would you feel confident about your body? Don’t you want to look and feel your best all of the time? To feel like the next big-screen bombshell, even when you’re just going about your regular day-to-day life?

The SkinSpaMED Hydration Station™ is an extraordinary experience that combines Hydrofusion™ & LED light technology with Oxygen Science™ skin care and a completely relaxing massage bed. The result is the ultimate in tan acceleration and skin hydration.

Hydration Station bathes the entire body in antiaging red LED light while simultaneously hydrating the skin with steam and antiaging serum concentrates. The relaxing treatment also includes an innovative massage bed with iPod compatibility.

Emerge from the Hydration Station feeling rested and refreshed with firm, hydrated skin.

Whether you tan three times a week or once a month, the SkinSpaMED Hydration Station will protect and prolong the life and quality of your tan while providing an enjoyable, relaxing experience!

Hydration Station Introduction Video