Say Goodbye To Broken Capillaries and Cherry Angiomas

Let’s face it; veins on the delicate skin of your face and unsightly discoloration on your legs are not part of the Hollywood look we all want. We want smooth, beautiful skin that everyone will adore.

SkinSpaMED’s Aura/Iridex 532 Diode Laser is the solution!

It is specifically designed to zap broken capillaries on the face and other vascular imperfections on the skin’s surface. The laser generates a beam of intense, concentrated light, targeting specific areas to remove unwanted lesions. The result is a smooth, even skin tone, like airbrushing in real life!

How It Works:

Once the laser energy reaches its target, it’s immediately absorbed. The energy turns into heat and stimulates the collagen layer or destroys the target hair follicle, capillary, or vein without harming the surrounding tissue. It then takes a period of time for the hair or blood vessel to dissipate into the body or for the stimulated collagen cells to reach the superficial layer of the skin and renew its appearance.

Using this technology, we can treat a number of unwanted and unattractive skin problems such as:

  • Telangiectasia – spider veins on the face and legs caused by dilation of the capillary vessels
  • Rosacea – red lesions around the nose and cheeks, similar in appearance to sunburn
  • Spider Angiomas – red spider-like veins that are slightly raised in appearance
  • Cherry Angiomas – red lesions that are slightly raised
  • Lentigines – a flat, brown spot caused by frequent sun exposure
  • Keratoses – slightly raised spots of pigmentation, found often on the back and hands

After Treatment:

Following the short treatment, which takes approximately 20 minutes, you should notice an improvement almost immediately, and there is no post-treatment bruising. Final results should be visible in about two weeks. In some cases, another follow-up treatment may be necessary.