Elizabeth Chambers Hammer's Nighttime Routine

From Harper’s Bazaar- Elizabeth Chambers Hammer knows that a good skincare product is like a good partner: when you find the right one, you keep it. The TV host and owner of Bird Bakery (and yes, Armie Hammer's wife) has been using her trusty Jurlique Balancing Foaming Cleanser since she was 17-years-old.

In this episode of Go To Bed With Me, Elizabeth Chambers walks us through her entire nighttime routine. While most of us rely on various lotions and potions to exfoliate and brighten skin post-cleansing, Chambers instead reaches for an all-natural- like really natural-product. It’s a slice of papaya.

“The way you take papa enzymes for digestion, it kind of works the same way for your face,” she notes. “It loosens dead skin cells and really just give you a clean glow.”

After exfoliating, Chambers rubs on a mask that she mixes with DNA Skincare Medi-C vitamin c crystals for an extra boost of brightening. You can leave it on for 15 minutes, or you can go to bed with it on for a serious dose of skin repair.

“I’m a big believer in stem cells,” she says as she works a growth factor serum into her skin. “Any stem cells are incredible and really important for the regrowth and turning over of the skin cells.”

Next comes more moisturizer, an eye cream, face mist, and eyelash serum. After finishing her routine with a spritz of face water, Chambers declared that she’s finally ready for bed- or a bedtime snack. After all, she still had half a papaya just laying around.