Who is That Poor, Tired Old Person Staring Back at Me in the Mirror?


How do I know if Sculptra is right for me? 

Sometimes clients will feel they look tired or deflated without being able to pinpoint why they feel that way. They may not have the distinct volume loss or facial laxity that would be fixed by fillers or a facelift, respectively. Instead, they may have broad areas of volume loss across the mid-face, along the cheeks and in the temples. At SkinSpaMED, we commonly see this effect in patients with petite faces, long lean faces and especially athletes. Sculptra Aesthetic is one of our favorite products used to address these areas.

Sculptra has been used worldwide since 1999 and is FDA approved. It consists of a pulverized form of dissolvable suture material. It is injected as a diluted solution into the areas that need correction of diffuse (shallow volume loss). As your body dissolves the product, fibroblasts move into the area and lay down collagen to restore youthful, natural fullness.

Results typically take at least four weeks to become noticeable, and we assess the results after two months. At that time, clients may choose to undergo another round of treatment. Additional Sculptra can be added as needed, and it is typical to undergo several injection sessions to achieve your ultimate result. Once correction has been achieved, the results have been shown to last at least 2 years or more.

In our practice, we find Sculptra gives us one more avenue for wrinkle correction and facial volumizing that can complement facial surgeries and other injectables. Give us a call at our Colleyville or Dallas location with any questions - we are here to help!