What You Can Do About Post-Partum Stretch Marks

Seventy-five percent of pregnant ladies develop stretch marks, according to dermatologist, Karen Edstrom. Genetics, hormones and stress are factors which determine whether a woman will end up with stretch marks after pregnancy or not. These marks may appear on the bottom, the lower back, the belly and other parts of the body. Since they are hard to get rid of, prevention is the best defense. However, there are ways to minimize their appearance once you have them. Learning how to care for your skin will be the key to boosting self-confidence as you bounce back after childbirth. This quick guide is loaded with sensible tips for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy and healing them afterwards.

Massage your bump with skin oil during pregnancy

If you’re expecting a baby, you may be surfing the Web, looking for skin care information that helps you to avoid stretch marks. If so, you should know that gentle massage with a nourishing skin oil is one of the best ways to keep skin supple and more resistant to stretch marks. Dr. Dendy Engelman is a dermatologist to the stars and she recommends using natural skin oils or stretch mark prevention creams daily. Get into the habit of massaging your “bump”, as well as other body areas where stretch marks tend to appear. Do it after your morning bath or shower. Let the oil or cream absorb completely before you put on your maternity clothes. Engelman did self-massage daily and she didn’t get a single stretch mark during pregnancy.

Apply Retinol right skin care products after you give birth

If you notice stretch marks, you shouldn’t wait to do something about them. It’s best to get going with treatment right away. Using retinol skin products on affected areas is one practical treatment option. When you use a retinol cream (OTC retinol products are out there, plus prescription retinoids which offer stronger performance), it will regenerate affected areas of your skin and take away dead skin cells, according to Livestrong.com. Fresher skin will be revealed, and skin tone will even out.

Talk to a dermatologist about laser treatments

When retinols aren’t enough, or you want to cut to the chase and get a high-tech treatment from a plastic surgeon, it may be time for laser treatments. Laser therapy is a relatively new option which does offer impressive results. Laser therapy is recommended by ASDS (The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery) as a viable treatment for stretch marks. Be sure to choose a plastic surgeon who is board-certified. This procedure aims concentrated quantities of light beams at affected areas, to spark new growth. It may not eliminate stretch marks completely, but it will help a lot, by giving striae a smoother look. Expect to pay between five hundred dollars and eight-nine hundred dollars. If that’s too rich for your blood, try retinols first and track your results.

Feel comfortable in your skin

New mothers are beautiful with or without stretch marks. Moms who feel self-conscious about the way that their stretch marks look are good candidates for treatment with retinol creams or laser therapy. If you want to smooth away your stretch marks, try one of these tips today. While prevention is the best defense, a lot can be done to make affected areas look better after a baby is born.