Defeating Aging – More than Just Sun Screen, Botox and Moisturizer

The cosmetic surgery and medical spa industry have many snazzy, innovative, high-tech solutions designed to slow down or reverse the effects of aging. Every month there's a new cool gadget or special sauce that hits the market adding a couple more years to our ‘beauty curve’. They all have one thing in common – they attack the effects of aging after-the-fact.

How about slowing down your aging clock altogether? Tapping the brakes on how fast and to what extent we look older involves a lot more than keeping out of the sun, good skin care and fancy lasers. Several less obvious but extremely powerful forces are responsible for adding years to our appearance - the good news is that we can defeat them before they are unleashed on our faces (and bodies).

Factors which accelerate the rate at which our appearance takes a hit include:

  • Loss of critical hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and thyroid

  • Poor sleep habits which get worse as we get older

  • Stress - from your job, family, friends and finances. Worrying about yesterday or tomorrow

  • Crappy food with too much sugar, bad fats and preservatives with names we can't spell

  • Poor lifestyle choices that involve alcohol, lots of caffeine, smoking and other ‘bad habits’

  • Exposure to environmental toxins like cleaning products, power lines, excessive light or noise

All of these factors are preventable, reversible and within your control. That’s right, you can do something about it! In Dr. Kevin Light's book, OutSmart Aging (Amazon Books link), he explain how our biological clock can be slowed way down with some very targeted lifestyle changes (totally doable) and a little expert guidance from an Integrative Medicine doctor. We are amazed at the difference in appearance between a 30 year old, party dog, stress ball and a 60 year old, got it together - cool, calm and collected - doing the right stuff lady! Night and day – and gravity, genes or moisturizer have nothing to do with it!

So slow down the clock and be proactive. Stop the age express in it’s tracks. Live better and healthier - maintenance will be easier and the long term rewards will thrill you.