Retinol: The RAGS II Riches Difference

Recently at SkinSpaMED, we were asked "what is the percentage of your RAGS II Riches Retinol?

Although we understand why this question comes up, it is important to explain first how and why retinol works before giving a cookie cutter answer. 

Retinol is a pure form of Vitamin A. Your skin uses Vitamin A naturally in its regeneration and repair cycle. It is most commonly used in skincare for two things: reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fighting acne.

This potent ingredient provides its anti-aging benefits by stimulating cellular turnover and bringing new, healthy cells to the skin’s surface for a more youthful appearance.

Retinol plays a vital role in epidermal renewal and keratin synthesis, and contributes to the strength of collagen and elastin proteins. This means that as we age, our keratin proteins become less compact and more dehydrated; retinol helps to bring back the elasticity and compact nature of these proteins. It is because of its proven renewing power that retinol is recognized as the gold standard anti-aging ingredient.

Retinol is also a powerful ingredient when it comes to acne, helping to reduce outbreaks by preventing dead cells from clogging pores.

Many retinol formulas rely on a single form of retinol and may take several weeks to deliver results and cause irritation. Retinol is not stable and this makes it a more difficult ingredient to work with.

The RAGS II Richesretinol product overcome these traditional drawbacks by focusing on a time-released Retinol that optimizes performance to quickly deliver visible results with little to no irritation.

These results include a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and dramatic improvements in texture, tone and radiance.

Retinol is well-known as the gold standard for anti-aging ingredients, that’s why clients ask about it frequently; however, Marie saw a significant need for a new product that worked quickly without little to no irritation.

What’s exciting about this revolutionary new product range is that it gets to work quickly and without any of the irritation of traditional retinol formulas. It really does activate your youth!