What IS A Vampire Facelift?

The "Vampire Facelift" is a procedure that involves withdrawing a patient's blood, processing it to isolate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) then re-injecting it to erase wrinkles and create a more youthful look. 

A Vampire facelift is a procedure intended to restore facial fullness and a more youthful appearance through the injection of fillers and PRP, where a Vampire facial skips the fillers and just injects the PRP. The name “vampire” refers to the fact that the PRP is isolated from the patient’s own blood.

This process plays out the same for almost every patient. The surgeon will centrifuge a vial of blood for several minutes, separating the red and white blood cells from the yellow plasma. This yellow plasma is the key, containing growth factors and platelets. 

Next, some local anesthetics are added and topical anesthetic cream is applied to the face of the patient. Then, the PRP is injected back into the patient into the areas to be treated - the entire treatment takes about 30-45 minutes. 

The number of injections can vary slightly depending if half (eg. for cheeks only, nose and chin, both hands, etc.) or full system is used (full face, or neck, or décolleté, scalp, etc.).  

Benefits received from a Vampire facelift procedure can include: improvement in skin texture, fine wrinkles, light skin imperfections, light brown spots, etc. Using a combination of both PRP and fillers can provide a non-surgical and in-office natural lift of the face, jowls, cheeks and also restore the skin’s surface for a better glow and skin texture.

These results can be found after about three treatments of PRP, roughly six weeks apart, at initiation. Followed by one treatment every year.

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