A Simple Solution to Man Boobs, Moobs and Gynecomastia!

Male breast enlargement (fancy name gynecomastia) is far more common than you think. Gynecomastia actually accounts for more than 65% of all male breast disorders.  It occurs most commonly in the teenage years during puberty, but it can affect men throughout their entire life due to hormonal fluctuations and some medications that we take when we get older.

It is surprising how common this condition is yet how often the problem is swept under the carpet and just not talk about. I've had patients who have worn a T shirt throughout the summer around the swimming pool or at the lake due to embarrassment and hoped that it would someday go away. This is tragic because I've seen many men in my practice live with this condition unnecessarily for years.

The great news is that this problem has a very simple, low risk solution. Most of the time we can perform a little liposuction and perhaps add a small excision of excess breast tissue from under the nipple to craft a much more preferable body contour. This can result in a giant boost in self-esteem and the ability to get ‘out there’ socially.  This is one of the most satisfying procedures that I perform and the vast majority of patients are uniformly thrilled with the results. I encourage anyone and everyone suffering from gynecomastia to 'seize the day' and address this problem NOW and get it behind you. The fix is just too simple not to.

Dr. Kevin Light is a cosmetic surgeon and integrative medicine specialist in Dallas, TX . He is the medical director of Skin Spa Med. For more information visit www.DrKevinLightCosmeticSurgery.com and www.IntegrativeMedicineDallas.com.