Torn Earlobes – No Time Like Now

Earrings decorate the ears of women and men, girls and boys, rich and poor.  They are everywhere and sported by just about everybody. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors - from tiny little gold dots to large dangling devices resembling chandeliers.  They also have a dark side - it doesn't take much to tear them out leaving you with a ‘funny looking’ earlobe incapable of holding anything - rendering your entire collection of ear bling useless.
Sometimes earrings don't pull all the way through but the holes stretch and get bigger. That means the earring doesn't sit right and looks ‘funny’ in your earlobe. The result is still the same-you are not maximizing your full bling potential.

As important as earrings are to so many people as part of their fashion identity, it surprises me how many victims suffering from torn earlobes wait so long to get them fixed. What do you do with all those cute earrings staring at you from your jewelry box with nothing to do and no place to go?
Earlobe repairs are one of the most common things I do in my practice. It is a short 20 minute procedure  that is about as simple as it can get.  We numb you up and either remove a loose hole and close it so it can heal or we freshen up the edges of the completely torn earlobe and reconstruct it to make it look pretty again.  The recovery is nothing to speak of and the results are great.

So don't let all your cute earrings just sit there in the box. Besides, many of us husbands like to buy earrings as presents and if your earlobes are broken we have to go back to the drawing board and think of something else!  Give my office a call and let's fix you up.

Dr. Kevin Light is a cosmetic surgeon and integrative medicine specialist in Dallas, TX . He is the medical director of Skin Spa Med. For more information visit and