Kiss Small Lips Goodbye: Filler Rumors v Truth

SkinSpaMED Lip Filler

Rumor 1: If my lips turn out bad, there’s nothing I can do to fix it.

It is true that some fillers (such as Sculptra and Radiesse) take a year or two to break down, so until that day comes, you might be stuck with your results. But if you use a hyaluronic acid filler (like Juvederm, Vobella and Voluma) the results will look very natural. If you really don’t love the look for some reason, there is an eraser enzyme called hyaluronidase which can immediately dissolve the filler. As soon as the swelling goes down, your lips will be back to normal.

Rumor 2: Lip fillers stretch your lips out. Once you start getting the treatment, you’ll have to continue forever or else your lips will deflate and sag.

This is not even slightly true. You can stop cold turkey and never look back and never regret it – and here’s why: Injecting hyaluronic acid (a substance that naturally exists in our bodies) filler into the skin actually stimulates collagen production. Even after your body’s natural enzymes start to dissolve the filler over the course of the next six months to a year, what’s left over actually thickens your skin’s dermis (the outermost layer you want to stay thick and healthy in order to prevent fine lines and wrinkles).

Rumor 3: I already have a round face. Fillers will just make me puffy.

This sounds like a logical concern, but we use fillers to target specific areas of your face (like your cheekbones) to give definition to a rounder face and enhance natural features. It’s like contouring with makeup, except it’s done underneath the skin with fillers, which is why enhancement fillers are common for people who want that chiseled look without having to wear any makeup.

Rumor 4: Lip injections are only for people with thin lips.

Although adding volume is a common request, a lot of people are looking more for shape and definition than size when it comes to lips. Filler can be used to adjust undefined Cupid’s bows, asymmetry, disproportionate top and bottom lips, turned down corners, or dry, cracked lips (which appear glossier with fillers). They’re also useful to correct fine lines around the lips, or lift the downturned corners of the mouth.